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Increased Profits Lie Within Your Phone Number...

1300/1800 Numbers = More Calls = More Sales = Increased Business = Increased Profit

Take your business to another level

Make your phone number your most powerful marketing weapon

Connect to a 1300/ 1800 from as low as $5 per month

• Continuing Success

Connecting to a 1300/1800 number may be one of the wisest business decisions that you could ever make.

• Establish Trust

No matter what the industry or no matter whether your business is product or service based, every enterprise relies on continuing and increasing sales.

• Local and National Businesses grow with 1300/1800numbers.

People are more likely to call 1300/1800 numbers than a local number. Local businesses with a 1300/1800 number stand out from everyone else.

• Increase your advertising response

It is now common knowledge that people are approx 30 times more likely to give out their personal information when they call a 1300/1800 number rather than any other number.

• Do business from anywhere.

Your 1300/1800 number can be directed to your office, home, mobile, fax and everywhere else. Now you can do business from any phone.

• Added value for your customers

A 1300/1800 number allows customers to communicate with you for free or for the cost of a local call, thereby increasing those all important sales and service inquiries.

• Widen your target market

A 1300/1800 number enables you to expand your target market throughout your City, State or throughout Australia.

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